Profile: Lane Roberts

Lane Roberts

Assistant Bar Manager, Lane Roberts

What’s your role at The Deck?

It’s a varied role that includes training and mentoring my team, identifying trends in products to customize our drinks menus to suit our guests and also inventory & stock management. I really enjoy sharing my product knowledge with guests who join us for a drink at the Bar and work hard to upskill my team to continually create a better experience for our guests.

Inspiration behind a career in hospitality?

I started working in retail liquor and found myself fascinated by the intricacies of liquor. From there I gradually progressed through pubs & clubs before finding myself in fine dining. I am passionate about engaging with customers and sharing knowledge about drinks to create a memorable experience. I find my role extremely rewarding as I get to connect with guests every day and continually learn more about the growing range of premium alcoholic beverages available today.

Biggest influences on your career?

Everything! But of particular note is a former colleague of mine who – despite being close to retirement age – never failed to put on a smile and deliver exceptional service every single shift regardless of what was happening behind the scenes. It was extremely refreshing to watch him lead from the front and set such a high standard consistently – often running circles around team members who were a third of his age!

Favourite Cocktail?

Negroni – I LOVE Gin and this is a cocktail which is so simple to prepare (in theory!) and really gets the palate going. My current personal recipe is 30ml Four Pillars ‘Spiced Negroni’ Gin, 25ml Campari, 25ml Antica Formula with a flamed orange peel swathe and a small ‘matchstick’ of fresh ginger served on a large chuck of ice.

How has your approach to cocktail making changed throughout your career?

As I’ve gained more experience with mixing particular products, I have naturally honed my skills in regard to balance, presentation and technique. Even the most experienced mixologist or wine enthusiast can always learn something new – sometimes in the most unlikely places!